Stalking is unwanted and repeated behaviour that causes fear, harassment or anxiety. This behaviour includes regularly sending unwanted gifts or malicious communications, damaging property and physical or sexual assault.

To help to keep yourself safe it is best not to respond to the offender. Tell the offender ONCE that you do not want to be contacted by them, then do not respond to any further advances.

it will also help if you keep all messages, sightings and information safe. This will help the police carry out their investigations. Do not delete messages even if they are offensive.

Contact the police about any stalking incidents, threats and assaults. If your safety is at risk do not hesitate to call 999. Don’t forget stalking and harassment is an offence and the police can take action.


Protection Against Stalking 0808 8020 300

Paladin 0207 840 8960

The National Stalking Advocacy Service includes information about problems on Facebook specifically.

Staffordshire Victims Gateway

For advice and support call us on:
0330 0881 339

National Stalking Helpline 0808 802 0300

Can give information and guidance to help you report stalking and to stay safe:
Monday to Friday 9:30am – 4pm (Wednesdays open till 1pm