Your rights as a victim

The Code of Practice for the Victims of Crime (the Victims Code)

Victims of crime have the right to receive a proper level of service from the Criminal Justice System. This includes agencies like the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the court service and the Probation Service.   In the code, you can find details of the service you can expect from each of these agencies. These rights include:

  • Being kept up to date about the progress of your case by the police
  • Being informed when a suspect has been arrested, charged, bailed or sentenced.
  • Being able to apply for compensation
  • The right to make a Victim Personal Statement in which you can explain the impact of the crime. You have the right for this statement to be read out in court, with the court’s permission.
  • The right to ask for extra help when you give evidence if you are vulnerable or intimidated victim or a child or young person.
  • The right to be referred to Support Services – like Staffordshire Victim Gateway
  • Being informed about taking part in Restorative Justice Schemes.
  • Being informed when an offender will be released (where the offender has been sentenced to a year or more in prison for a violence or sexual offence).
  • Where a decision is made not to prosecute a crime, you have the right to seek a review of this decision

If you would like to know more about your rights as a victim, then please contact Staffordshire Victim Gateway to talk to us about this directly or you can read the Victims Code here