What we do

    The Staffordshire Victim Gateway and Restorative Justice Service puts the needs of victims at the heart of everything it does and acknowledges that those needs will differ by the crime type and the person, which is why our service prides itself on offering a very flexible and person centred  approach to working with victims and their families.

    What do we offer?

    The Victim Gateway offers both telephone and one-to-one support to help victims cope and recover from the impact of crime. Some victims require only information, advice and guidance from our highly knowledgeable Contact and Assessment team, where some may need more intensive and personal support, we can offer them access to their own Victim Care Coordinator (VCC).

    The Contact and Assessment team make direct contact with all victims over the telephone or via letters/email, who have reported a crime to the police and will receive incoming telephone calls into the service. They can provide information advice and guidance around what a person may need as a victim of crime, emotional support and will refer to other services if the victim wants them too including referral into the VCC and Restorative Justice teams.

    Led by the victim, the VCC will create individualised support plans which include a range of interventions to help build resilience, to aid recovery in individuals and help them navigate the Criminal Justice process that they find themselves in. Support can include anything that helps the victim at this very challenging time but often includes a combination of emotional and practical support, advocacy with other agencies, crime prevention advice and accessing Specialist support where appropriate. They will meet victims face to face in their own home or a suitable place of the victim’s choice including attending court and other relevant appointments.

    We aim to take as much pressure off victims as we can by liaising on their behalf with other agencies who may become involved in the victim’s journey, ensuring victims are kept informed at every stage of the criminal justice process. We work closely with Staffordshire Police, Officers in Charge of investigations, Witness Care Units and other specialist services to ensure victims are in receipt off their entitlements under the Victims Code of Practice.

    what we do

    Victim Gateway Service can help you:

      • Access specialist support services by making referrals on your behalf
      • Make a Victim Personal Statement or explore the option of Restorative Justice
      • Apply for Criminal Injuries Compensation
      • With crime prevention information and advice
      • To report the crime to the police if you want to
      • Understand what will happen if your case goes to court and support you through this
      • By liaising with the police on your behalf
      • Address any financial, emotional or other practical issues you may have as a result of becoming a victim of crime

        What happens when I contact the Victim Gateway?

          You can contact the victim Gateway in the first instance by phone, email, or via our website.

          When you contact us, a member of our team will establish your preferred method of contact whether it be by phone, text or email. Regardless of which we will listen and talk to you about your experience; how it has affected you and what help you may need to recover. We will assess your support needs and provide you with advice or information to answer any immediate questions you may have. We can also allocate you with your own Victim Care Coordinator if needed who will provide you with both face to face practical and emotional support through this difficult time including attending court with you.

          We recognise there will be times, other organisations are better placed to help you and if so, we can introduce you to them with your consent, all whilst ensuring appropriate confidentiality.