Domestic and Distraction Burglary

    A burglary occurs when a person enters or remains unlawfully in a home/building with the intent to commit a crime.

    Distraction burglary is any crime where a lie, trick or distraction is used on an occupant to gain or try to gain access to burgle their home.

    Burglary is a serious crime and can often have financial and practical repercussions; its emotional and psychological impact longer-term can vary enormously from victim to victim. Our focus as a service is to provide victims with the emotional support and reassurance, helping them recover from the fear of re-victimisation, whilst supporting them with practical and emotional issues.

    There may be more than one person living in the affected household, which means the burglary can have multiple victims. The police often only record the head of a household as the victim, this can hide the true number of victims, and younger people are not generally recorded as victims of burglary, yet the impact can be as devastating.


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    Going away on holiday?

      Make your home look like someone is living in it:

      • Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights and radios on when it goes dark
      • Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries
      • Use the Royal Mail’s ‘keepsafe’ service – they keep your mail for up to 2 months while you’re away. Mail
        sitting on your doorstep is a sign that you are away
      • Trusted neighbours may be able to help you by collecting your post, opening and closing curtains and
        they could park their car on your driveway
      • Avoid discussing holiday plans on public social networking sites – burglars can use any information you post on there to their advantage

      Contacting Us

        If you report a crime to Staffordshire Police, they will ask you if you are happy for your details to be passed on to the Staffordshire Victim Gateway and Restorative Justice Service. We will automatically receive your contact information and a brief overview of your experience and the crime, if you don’t specify to Staffordshire Police that you don’t want us to make contact with you. If you initially opted out of the service, you can self-refer at any time.

        We can provide you with advice, information & emotional and practical support. We can liaise and advocate on your behalf, and introduce and support you to specialist services, who can help you gain the relevant support that can help in your recovery. We will be with you every step of the way. Our support is free and confidential, regardless of whether you have reported a crime or incident to the police, we are here to support you.

          Crime Prevention Information

            Additionally, it may also be useful for you to have advice on crime prevention that may help you to protect yourself in the future. You can find lots of useful information on local crime prevention by clicking here:

            Is it an emergency?

              If you are in immediate danger and support is needed right away, call Staffordshire Police on 999

              If you feel it is a non-emergency, you can log incidents that have happened by calling Staffordshire Police on 101

              If you have a hearing impairment, you can use their textphone service on 18001 101